Keepers of the Flame

Beginning Sunday 1st September 2024.

Heed the call of the ancient Egyptian priesthood.
Let it guide you to a path of profound personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment.
Join us, where the Whispers of Eternity meet the Seekers of today.

The 2024 programme commences Sunday 1st September, 2024

Beneath the sands of time, the whispers of an ancient power call out to the select few destined to wield its secrets. For those whose souls are stirred by the echoes of antiquity, we present an odyssey through the Egyptian Mysteries—a sacred passage that weaves together the esoteric knowledge and mystical practices of a civilization shrouded in enigma. Do the echoes of a time when gods walked among humans stir something within you? Can you hear the whispers of the past, beckoning you to unlock mysteries that have lain dormant for millennia? Does the thought of unlocking age-old secrets ignite a fire in your soul? Are you ready to answer the enigmatic summons to become more than you ever imagined? For those who feel the pull of destiny, we unveil a 12-month journey into the heart of the Egyptian Mysteries—a transformative passage to becoming an initiated Priest or Priestess, custodian of wisdom that has slumbered through the ages.

Your Trainers

Andy Cooper and Lynn Robinson are both Third Degree Initiates and co-founders of Helios. Together they have written the new "Keepers of the Flame" Initiatory Training and they co-present the live sessions every month. You can read more about Andy and Lynn in their bio's on the "About Helios" page.

The Details:

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How We Teach

Each month a new module will open up for you online. You can see the curriculum here to the left.

There are live online sessions twice a month. Lynn and Andy will deliver a live online teaching session via the built-in live video conferencing facility, and each month there will also be a live Q&A session or guest speaker. You will see the dates scheduled in your online account.

Connect with Other Students

Our online course platform includes real-time messaging between students on the programme, together with a group chat facility. We use this to share ideas, learnings and to provide topics for further thought and discussion to support your learning.

Online & Offline Training Materials

We provide online training content including videos and quizzes to help integrate your learning. In addition you receive a downloadable, fillable workbook for the whole programme, which you can print out and keep as a reference should you wish.

Initiation - the culmination of your training

We will schedule a face-to-face event in September 2025, for those invited to take initiation, to attend and receive their First Degree Initiations. We cannot guarantee that every student will be invited to take initiation, although we fully expect that they will be. This will depend on the quality of your work and how you demonstrate that you have fully embodied what it takes to become an initiate. The venue will be chosen based on where most of the programme participants are located.

Your Investment:

$1,599 (USD) for the 12-month programme


12-monthly payments of $140 (USD)/month

What is included:

This unique training programme is designed to be a comprehensive and immersive spiritual development journey through the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, culminating in your initiation as a Priest or Priestess of the Egyptian Mystery tradition. Uniquely crafted by two teachers and adepts of the Western Mystery Tradition, your tuition fee includes:

  • 12 fully illustrated downloadable and fillable pdf workbooks, one for each month of your journey containing information, exercises, individual rituals and group rituals

  • Online videos and audios you can download and listen offline to supplement your learning

  • Guided meditations to download and listen to offline

  • Fortnightly live video calls with Andy & Lynn and your fellow students where you can ask questions, interact with your fellow students and participate in live online group rituals

  • Private forum to chat with other students and instructors to share ideas, experiences and ask questions

  • Training materials and access to webinars either online or via a smartphone app

  • Attendance at the final face-to-face workshop in September 2025 for initiation rituals and a celebration of the journey (Invitation based on successful completion of the programme - travel and accommodation extra)


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