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of the Flame

Answer the Whispers of Eternity
- Your Priesthood Awaits

In the quiet corners of your mind, where the echoes of ancient wisdom gently stir, there is a call - a profound, timeless summons beckoning you to embark on the most transformative journey of your life. It's not just a journey of knowledge, but a voyage deep into the sacred mysteries of the ancient Egyptian priesthood…


Awaken Your Ancient Calling

At Helios, we understand this call. We resonate with the whispers of eternity, reaching out to those who seek more than just knowledge.

We reach out to you – the seekers, the dreamers, the nurturers, the leaders, and the visionaries. Whether you are navigating the complexities of modern life or cherishing the golden years of wisdom, our program is tailored to your unique path.

Your Priesthood Awaits

Here, we train the devoted few to step into their preordained roles as priests and priestesses, guardians of sacred knowledge and practitioners of true magic. Our teachings are more than mere instruction; they are an invocation, calling forth the latent power within you. Through the Helios School, you will journey beyond the physical realm, reconnecting with the divine purpose scribed upon your soul in lifetimes past. Our magic is practical, designed not only to unveil the mysteries of the cosmos but to serve humanity. With each invocation, each ritual, each moment of devotion, you contribute to the healing and elevation of our planet's vibration.

"I desire to know, in order to serve"

This maxim is the golden thread woven through our curriculum, our practice, and our very essence. As you traverse this sacred path, you will discover that service to others is the highest form of magic, transforming both the practitioner and the world around them. Answer the call that has whispered to you through the ages, echoing down the corridors of time, inviting you to resume your sacred role. Join us at the Helios School, and embrace your destiny as a priest or priestess of the ancient Egyptian mysteries. Here, the whispers of eternity call you home to your sacred role, as they have since the dawn of time.

Our First Degree Training Programme

1. Discover the Sacred Arts: Training for the Chosen

   - Unveil the secrets of practical magic and devotional work.

   - Embrace your destiny to wield the ancient wisdom in service of the world.


2. The Legacy Awaits: Initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries

   - Step into a lineage of power, awakening the knowledge from lifetimes past.

   - Begin your transformation under the guidance of the great mystics of old..


3. The Path of Service: Echoes of the Priesthood

   - Live by the creed "I desire to know, in order to serve."

   - Elevate your vibration and contribute to the planet's ascension through sacred practice.


4. The Alchemy of Spirit: Crafting Your Divine Future

   - Forge your future with the tools of ancient alchemists.

   - Let the whispers of eternity call you to a life of mystery, magic, and meaning.


5. Join the Guardians: Keepers of the Eternal Flame

   - Stand among the guardians of timeless wisdom.

   - Illuminate the world as a priest or priestess of the Egyptian Mysteries.


Begin Your Training and Fulfil Your Destiny

Join us at Helios, where your spiritual legacy awaits.
Reclaim your place in the lineage of the divine, and ignite the wisdom that has been calling you home.
It is time to step into your role, to serve the world, and to become a beacon of light for an age in need of ancient wisdom.
The path of the priesthood is before you, and the gods of old are watching.
Will you answer the call?

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